3 Blog Post Introduction Tips

by Scott Bradley on September 11, 2012

blog post introduction

When you sit down to write a blog post for your company or personal blog, it is important to understand that there are a few ways you can introduce the content for your blog post.

Below you will find a list of three tips that will help you create compelling introductions that will encourage your visitors to read your entire post.

1) Start Your First Sentence With a Statistic

Starting your blog post with a statistic immediately grabs a visitor from the start. This is a powerful way to start a blog post because it hooks your reader right in the first sentence, and gets them to want to know more.

Example: Did you know that over XX% of mothers don’t send their kids to school with a packed lunch? What is interesting about this statistic is that it is a growing trend among families in suburban areas. As you know, childhood obesity is a big problem in the USA. With the recent study released by XYZ Organization, they believe that this statistic about packed lunches is directly linked to the childhood obesity epidemic we all are trying to fix.

2) Provide an Overview of the Theme of Your Headline

One of the next ways you can start a blog post is by going over a specific theme that relates to the title of the article, but doesn’t give away all of the content in the first paragraph. An introduction like this is meant to wet the appetite for the reader so they will want to know more.

Example: Everywhere we turn, there seems to be yet another story about how childhood obesity is taking over the lives of frustrated moms and children. As children head off to school each day, concerned mothers have to face the reality that their child is unhealthy, and are challenged with finding a solution to help them solve the problem. With shows like the “Biggest Loser,” and “Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition,” what’s coming down the pike next, “Biggest Loser ‘Children’s Edition?’”

3) Talk About Something that Recently Happened

Another great way to start a blog post on your site is to begin your introductory paragraph with something that recently happened. You want to make sure there is a way you can easily tie in this event that happened to the focus of the blog post somehow.

Example: On Thursday September 6, 2012 a child at XYZ elementary school in XYZ city was charged with bringing a knife to school and using it against a classmate who was bullying them about being overweight. The student who was harmed is recovering with a few cuts to his arm, but the child who brought the weapon has some serious explaining to do. Authorities have never seen a case like this before, and since this has happened, it has school officials worried that other overweight students may have the same intentions against the playground bully.


With these three different ways to start off future articles on your site, you are well on your way to creating great blog content for your company site that engages readers and converts visitors into interested prospects. One crucial thing to always remember is to always focus on writing your article to the person who you want to attract. Without a clear focus of who you are writing to, the message will get lost, and your reader won’t be as engaged!

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