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by Scott Bradley on July 4, 2012

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In my previous article on 5 Blog Post Ideas For Your Business, I shared with you five specific types of posts you could write for your company blog to help you get targeted rankings and an increase in traffic from search engines.

After publishing that article I started to get more blogging ideas, which led to this second post on the subject.

Below are 5 more ideas that you can use when thinking about writing a new blog post for your site.

1) Write a list post covering the reasons why something is better than something else that pertains to your niche

People love hearing other individual opinions about why certain things are better than other things that are related to one niche.

For Example
As a tech company selling a technology product, you could write a blog post titled, “5 Reasons Why (Your Product) Delivers More Value Than (Your Competitors Product).” This post could be structured with a short introduction paragraph, with 5 bullets that are bolded with 2-3 sentences of commentary under them for the body. The conclusion could be a nice wrap up of what you said steering them to the place on your website to buy the product you were talking about.

2) Write a list post covering specific features or upgrades that make your product great

Your customers and prospects love learning about products, and even more so love learning about how your product will help them by exploring some of the features and benefits.

For Example
Following the same example above, you can talk about the same product by writing a blog post titled, “The 5 Amazing Features (Your Product) Has, and How They (Fill in the benefit of what your product essentially delivers to the consumer). Follow the same formatting above with the intro paragraph, bulleted list post with commentary under each bullet, and a nice conclusion to wrap it up! Also feel free to use pictures for each bullet to make the article pop even more on your blog.

3) Cover special industry news that happens every so often within your niche

Your customers and prospects not only want to hear about how great your product is, but also appreciate companies who report industry relevant news when it is announced. This is an easy opportunity for you to get some great traffic through your site right after the announcement hits. Plus it could generate a great amount of social media traffic through your site when shared with your current fan base!

For Example
Say that there was a new technology that was released that will directly impact your product. Write an article with a title, “How (new technology) Will Impact (Thing it will impact).” In the beginning of the article do everything you can to answer who, what, where, when, why, and how, and then focus the remaining article on answering the promise you made in your headline. You can do this via a list post with bullets and pictures, or via a few paragraphs with a nice conclusion to wrap it up.

4) Make an announcement about something new with your company

Customers and prospects always like to stay up to date with what their favorite companies are doing. The best place to showcase this information is through a blog and press release. When writing the article make sure you are clear and specific in what you are announcing, and be sure when appropriate to push the traffic to the specific places on your site that relate to the announcement being made!

5) Offer an exclusive limited time promotion for blog readers

People love to get special discounts that make them feel appreciated by the companies they do business with. With your blog, it is always great to follow this same business practice as well. Just make sure that when you announce the special promotion that you make it very clear when it will end so it inspires your audience to take action immediately.

With all these new ideas for you to use, it is time to start brainstorming and writing out some new content for your site!

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