16 Ways To Get More Facebook Likes To Your Page

by Scott Bradley on June 29, 2012

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As you build and grow your Facebook page, you will want to always be focused on getting more likes to your page. By getting more likes to your page, it will give you a greater reach within the marketplace, and a deeper connection with your prospects and customers. Use the various tips below to help you grow your Facebook likes to help you drive more revenue through the door!

1) Put your Facebook page link on every marketing piece you use

This will help everyone who sees a marketing piece from you understand that you can be contacted on Facebook! After seeing a piece of marketing from you it will allow them to search the link with their iPad or iPhone.

2) Put a link to your page on your main website

This will give visitors to your website an easy way to get to your page so they can like it! Plus it will allow them to get a feel for how you treat your fans on the page by looking at your previous posts!

3) Put a link to your page at the bottom of a guest post you write for another website

When writing guest posts, not only should you put a link to your main website, but also be sure to include a link to your Facebook page. This will provide leverage for you in traffic and SEO juice.

4) Put the facebook logo on every marketing piece you use

This will give people an idea to search you on Facebook. Since the search bar at the top of Facebook is so easy to use, interested prospects and customers can search for your brand to easily find your page.

5) Put the link in your signature file in forums you participate on

If you aren’t participating in targeted forums, you are missing out on a highly targeted traffic source. Be sure that when you spend time in forums that when you are able to create a signature that you link your Facebook page along with your main website!

6) Share your page with your Facebook friends in the news feed

This makes a lot of sense because if you have a trusted network of friends on Facebook, they will naturally want to know what other Facebook pages you have.

7) Share your page with your Facebook friends via direct messages and e-mails

Reaching out to your friends one-by-one can be a great strategy to use when starting out with a Facebook Page.

8) Ask your fans to share the page with their friends

Ask and you shall receive. Politely asking your Facebook fans to share your page for you with their network is a great strategy. If your fans really like you, and enjoy the content you share, they will have no problem sharing it with their network.

9) Ask your friends to share the page in their Facebook profile

If you have a trusted network of friends on Facebook, you can ask them to share it by asking them in a newsfeed post, or by sending a message to each one of them asking them to share the page in their personal newsfeed.

10) Use QR codes on your marketing pieces that land on your Facebook page

If you do a lot of print advertising, or even a lot of internet advertising using QR codes to get people to your page is a great strategy. As more and more people get smart phones and iPads, the more accepted QR codes will be to driving people to your page.

11) Run mobile ads that display on iPad and other mobile devices driving traffic to page

You can easily use mobile advertising to drive traffic to your Facebook page. Just make sure that in your copy on the ad, that you offer a benefit to the visitor to your page in the ad. Be sure to split test at least four variations of your ad for optimization purposes.

12) Run Facebook ad campaigns driving traffic to your page

This is a great way to increase your fan base because Facebook ads allow you to target specific audiences. Make sure you again provide an added benefit for those who join your page in your ad copy. Be sure to also use an image that pops!

13) Run ads on other CPC (cost per click) marketing platforms

There are many other ad networks you can use to drive more targeted traffic to your Facebook page.

14) E-Mail your list letting them know to like your page

If you have an e-mail list of subscribers or customers, be sure if you haven’t already done so to let them know the address to your Facebook page. In the message be sure to again remind them why it would be valuable for them to join your page.

15) Build a win/win exposure partnership with another company

For this tip, use your imagination. You can do a deal where you share their Facebook page with your fans, as long as they share theirs. You can also e-mail each others list with a link to their page, while they do the same for you. The sky is the limit!

16) Sign every comment you make on Facebook with your Facebook page link

This will allow you to add even more value to the various conversations that you have on Facebook. By leaving high quality comments on posts, and then dropping your Facebook page link, you will be building your brand and page one comment at a time!

What other ideas to grow a page have worked for you in the past?

Leave your comments below!

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Kev Redford August 22, 2012 at 1:09 am

Ive been looking for a process to get more likes for my wedding entertainment page (Facebook.com/redforddjs) I’ve found that while I may not get many referrals from that page, the appearance of only a few (yet absolutely organic) ‘likes’ hurts my brand. I know many local companies buy likes, but I’m opposed to that. Your article gave some usable, great ideas. Thanks!
Kev Redford


Scott Bradley August 22, 2012 at 12:19 pm

You are so welcome Kev! Thanks for your comment! Let me know how some of these tactics work for you!


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