How Any Self-Help Author Can Use Twitter Search To Sell More Books

by Scott Bradley on June 19, 2012

If you are a self-help author who just wrote a book, and you are looking to quickly sell more copies and create raving fans using Twitter search, you are going to love this post.

I am going to break down the entire process for you step-by-step, and show you how easy it is to move more books, and help more people using this powerful social media tool.

In one of my previous articles, How To Use Twitter Search To Increase Your Sales, I provided the general strategy around using this tactic, but in this article I am going to make the content more specific to your personal situation as a self-help author.

I recommend, if you haven’t already done so, to read that article before continuing on to the content below.

As a self help author, you have a plethora of life-changing information to share with people who need help in all aspects of their life.

No matter what you help people with in their lives, I am going to assume that your book adds value to them by helping readers overcome many struggles most of humanity faces today (losing weight, dealing with grief, etc.).

Because people use Twitter to share these specific things going on in their life on a daily basis, you as a savvy author can take advantage of it!

Here’s how…

What many authors, such as yourself may not realize is that you can connect with these specific people very easily using the power of Twitter search.

Let me show you how to use this powerful tactic.

Step #1: As described in the article linked above, you need to come up with the key phrases you will search for using Twitter search to find the targeted people to engage with.

To come up with the right words and phrases, I recommend you put yourself in the shoes of your targeted reader, and think about what tweets you would post (as your reader) that would be perfect things for you as the author to interact with them about.

I know that may sound a little confusing, so let me make it easier for you by showing an example.

*Imagine you as the author sell a book that helps women lose weight. Your book shows women how to lose their first 30 pounds in 3 months.

*The keywords you as the author would search for using Twitter search would be as follows.

Keywords/Phrases The Example Author May Use
“Lose weight” – searching this would pull up tweets with the word lose weight in them.

“Lose 30 pounds” – searching for this would pull up tweets with prospects who have the exact problem that the book helps them solve. (The perfect prospect)

“Hate feeling fat” – searching for this would pull up tweets of prospects that don’t like the way they look and who need a solution.

These three examples should give you a good idea about how to come up with the phrases to search for with Twitter search to help find the targeted tweets and people to engage with. Once you understand how to think about this, you will be able to duplicate it in any specific self-help niche.

Step #2: When you take part in the activity of actively searching for these phrases in Twitter, make sure that you take the time to reply in a customized way that is tailored to the specific situation the person talked about.

*The tweet you pulled up said, “I hate feeling fat. What am I going to do to get this weight off?”

The reply from your personal Twitter account would be something around the lines of, “I am so sorry that you are feeling fat. What are you trying to do to lose the weight?”

Make sure you always end your tweet with a question that you want the person to answer in return.

After you do this a couple of times to people who you find using Twitter search in this fashion, you then get to sit back and watch the replies roll in. Once the replies come in, focus on having a simple conversation first before you direct them to your book and/or free download that you are giving away.

Step #3: Make sure you know what you want to do with the conversation when it gets to a point where you can tell they want to hear what solution you have to share with them.

*You can offer them a free download that will get them closer to helping them achieve their goal, with a call to action hidden in it that will urge them to go to Amazon or your website to buy the book you are selling.

*You can send them to Amazon to purchase the book if you don’t have something to give them for free.

The key is to first focus on being a resource, and then being a “professional pointer” to the solution.

Why This Strategy Will Work For You as A Self-Help Author

1) You are focused on helping people and meeting them “where they are” using the tool.

2) The exchange you have with them will be genuine and help you build trust with them.

3) You will get prospects to a point in various conversations where they will be begging for a solution that will solve their problem (You obviously share yours of course if it is appropriate, and depending on the situation).

4) When you help that one person get what they need, you will know that they will spread the word about you and your book when others start to ask them about the positive changes they are making in their life (weight loss shift etc.).

Even though executing this marketing strategy may seem like a daunting task, just keep point number four above in mind.

Every one person you “get,” will open up channels to new markets that you would have never been able to touch. This is why this strategy is so valuable!

I recommend that to successfully implement this strategy, and to be effective with it, you should spendt 15-20 minutes per day on it to see the best results. Consistency is key!

Trust me it will pay off!

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About The Author
Scott Bradley is an entrepreneur who is passionate about helping business owners create and implement effective marketing plans, strategies and tactics. He is the owner of this website, Brilliant Business Advice, and spends most of his time creating products and services that directly serve the small business community. You can learn more about Scott on his personal website which can be found at

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Martha Giffen August 11, 2012 at 1:39 pm

Great tips! You can use the searches for any niche. Like the way you explain how to start a Twitter conversation and keep it going with questions. This is great advice for anyone with products or services to offer. It’s all about the dialog!


Scott Bradley August 11, 2012 at 2:52 pm

Thanks for your comment Martha!


Lisa Rodriguez August 12, 2012 at 7:13 pm

Love this article! I just had a potential client reach out and ask about this very topic. We routinely leverage our network of over 23K Twitter followers for our clients to market their own products and services. I was able to share this article and we brainstormed some great marketing ideas.

Thanks so much!


Scott Bradley August 18, 2012 at 2:30 pm

That is really awesome Lisa! Thanks for sharing! I am so glad the article really gave you some great ideas!


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