How Businesses Selling a Consumable Consumer Product Can Easily Increase Their Sales Using Twitter Search

by Scott Bradley on June 12, 2012

If you are a business that sells a consumable product directly through a website, you are going to love this proven strategy for increasing sales using Twitter search.

This strategy is super effective in finding targeted people to talk to and engage with on Twitter because since you sell the consumable product directly through your website, you will be able to reach anyone with an internet connection who  you are able to ship to.

In this case, I am going to assume the USA is your potential audience to go after.

In a previous post published to this site titled, “How To Use Twitter Search To Increase Your Sales,” I provided you the general strategy for using this tactic.

In this post however, I plan on diving down one step deeper to give you the more detailed approach that is customized to the consumable products market.

By following this advice, you will be more effective in implementing the above strategy to generate the best results.

Here are the customizable steps you should integrate into the previous post about using Twitter search to help you have the most success.

1) When thinking about the words that you want to use “Twitter search” to search for, think about the types of things you would say in Twitter if you were the customer. Make sure these words and phrases are directly tied to the benefit that your product offers or fills.

I know that may sound a little confusing, so let me make it easier for you by showing you an example.

*Imagine the business sells a special type of bread that can be eaten by people with wheat allergies and wheat sensitivities. People with these allergies and sensitivities can eat this type of bread because it is made out of “spelt grain.”

*The keywords the business would put into “Twitter search” to find targeted tweets to strategically engage in would be as follows.

Keywords The Example Company Would Use
“wheat allergy” (By using quotes, the Twitter search engine will look for the two words being together in the tweet.)

wheat allergy (By not using quotes, the Twitter search engine will look for both words in the tweets, which may be together or separate within the 140 characters.)

“allergy to wheat” (The type of tweets with this key phrase in it may pull up tweets such as, “I just came back from the doctor and found out my child has an allergy to wheat.”) (The prefect prospect.)

“allergic to wheat” (The type of tweets with this key phrase in it would pull up tweets such as, “I hate that I am allergic to wheat, I just want to eat a piece of bread!”)

spelt bread

gluten free (By searching for this keyword, it would bring up people who are already a little savvy in the natural health world, and these people may “turn the corner” in wanting to try your product as a tester.)

any book title related to wheat allergies, alternative grains, or natural health (This would pull up tweets that would highlight people who are interested in solving their problem, and/or interested in living a healthy lifestyle)

This should give you a good idea about how to think about the keyword/phrase creation stage.

If you notice, these specific key phrases will bring up the key types of tweets and people to have a strategic conversation with people who would be interested in your product.

2) When replying to these specific tweets that come up after putting in the keywords to Twitter, make sure the reply is customized to the specific situation presented in the tweet.

*The tweet you pulled up said, “I just found out my son has a wheat allergy. What am I going to feed him?!”

The reply from your company Twitter account would be something around the lines of, “I am so sorry to hear about your son, are you aware that he may be able to safely eat spelt products as a safe alternative?”

After you do that, you then get to sit back and wait for the replies to roll in. Be ready for them to come in so your communication is on time and not making the other person feel like you are just treating them like a number.

3) Make sure you have a plan to add value to the person you engage with on Twitter, when it gets to a point where you can tell they want you to help them with your product.

*You could offer them a free sample to send them in the mail (Just make sure they DM you their address.)
*You could provide them a special “Twitter” discount to purchase your product to try through your website.

After you get their information, be sure to make the process in serving them  as customized as possible. A handwritten note that says…

Hi (First Name),

We hope that your son enjoyes this bread, and is able to eat it without any issues or problems. Please let us know if we can do anything else to help you.

Your Name
President of The Company

…This alone goes a long way for the recipient of your package.

Why This Strategy Is Effective and Valuable For You as A Business Who Sells A Consumable Product Online

Even though you are going one-by-one on Twitter, which may seem like it would take a long time to be effective, think about it this way.

The person you just reached out to was in pain and/or voiced a concern that your product solves.

Because you are a company that is dedicated to serving customers in the best way possible, you chose to pay attention to people on twitter based on what they said. In reaching out personally to them in this fashion, most of them will be shocked that a “big company” actually cares enough about them to reach out to help them solve their problem, and then when offering them something of value it totally takes their walls down.

By personalizing the experience when sending the product, you win them over, and also provide them an amazing story to tell their friends about how this “company on Twitter” who saw one of their tweets, actually cared enough about helping them with their personal situation and ended up sending them a free product to try.

You aren’t only impacting the one person who you helped, but further, are reaching every one of their friends in their network through that one person. The potential reach that this one person will provide you and your business is truly worth the time it takes to find other people like this within the Twitter ecosystem.

When you think about the activity in this way, it changes the entire picture doesn’t it?

So as it says in the first article linked at the beginning of this post, make sure you stay consistent with this strategy about 15-20 minutes a day, and watch the results and positive experiences start rolling in!

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