How To Ask For Referrals Via Email

by Scott Bradley on June 21, 2012

In one of my previous posts, How To Ask For Referrals, I shared a phone script with you to help you generate more leads by contacting your personal network. If you don’t want to call people out of the gate, email is the next best way.

Below is an email template I would use to send to personal contacts in my network to generate more referrals. Be sure to customize it to your liking before sending it to your contacts one-by-one.

(Begin email template)

Subject Line: (Friend First Name), Quick Question

Hi (Friend First Name),

I hope you are doing well.

(Insert something that is personal to them. E.G. How are your kids doing? Did your son get that scholarship he was pushing for?)


Aside from catching up with you I wanted to ask you a quick question.

As you know I am a ______________________ (type of entrepreneur), and I am reaching out to people that I trust within my network to help me generate more business because I am looking to expand my reach through the trusted channels available to me.

Knowing that I am in the ___________________ (type of business), and help _______________ (type of people) with _______________________(how you help people through your products or services), I was wondering if you knew of anyone currently who is looking for this type of product/service.

If there is any way you could help me through any introductions, I would be really appreciative. In exchange for helping me I would be more than happy to do what I could to help you with your current venture as well. If not, no harm done, I just thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Either way, please let me know!

I look forward to your reply!

Talk with you soon!

(Your Name)

(End email template)

Easy right?

Now go use this and start taking action.

Special Note

Be sure that you record every person you send this e-mail to, so you can follow up with the ones by phone who don’t get back with you. I would recommend using an awesome service like Evernote, or a simple excel document.

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