How To Use Twitter Search To Increase Your Sales

by Scott Bradley on June 12, 2012

twitter search

If you could communicate with a person who spoke the language of your consumer for free, and who didn’t mind you reaching out to them to talk about your products and services, would that interest you?

Well that is exactly what twitter search allows you to do when used in the correct way.

Using twitter search is one key way I like to help entrepreneurs use to increase their sales, and with one of my past clients in particular when I ran my own consulting company, we are got people to hand over their physical addresses to send them free samples of product.

The best part is that a percentage of these product testers become life long customers, so implementing this strategy was and still is extremely valuable for them.

Here is how to use twitter search to increase your sales.

1) Make sure you have set up a twitter account and have a picture, bio and link to your website in the profile itself. (If you don’t know how to do this, google “how to set up a twitter account, or go to youtube and find a video that walks you through it)

2) Think about and write down specific keywords or ideal phrases that your ideal customer would use in a tweet, and list them on a piece of paper.

If your business helps fix computers, you would write down the phrase…“My computer is broken”

Make sure that you think from your consumers point of view about what they would say so that you could strategically connect with them based on what they say in a way that doesn’t feel intrusive.

3) Once you identify the specific phrases that you know your customers are going to say in twitter, go to and type those phrases into the engine just like you would a google search.

Here you will find every single person in the twitter universe who has said that phrase in the tweets, which gives you direct access to engage with them effectively.

4) When you find someone who tweeted something you could respond to, press the reply button (make sure you are already signed in) and interact with them by replying back with something that addresses what they said in their tweet.


You typed into “computer breaks”…

This tweet came up…

Person: “I hate it when my computer breaks, what am I going to do?!”

Your Reply: “What is wrong with your computer?”

From this point forward, continue the conversation through “@replies” and be sure to treat the person as you would want to be treated.

When it is appropriate, lead it into a business conversation that will lead to a sale or lead generated for you…or even better…a referral!

5) Rinse and repeat this process over and over, every day, and continually think about more key phrases you can use to find your target market on twitter with ease.

I like to schedule about 15-20 minutes per day to do this activity which will help you maintain the lead flow to you and through your site.

Remember: People only do business with those who they know, like and trust…which is what makes this marketing strategy so powerful.

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