The Ultimate Guide To Creating An Awesome Blog Post For Your Company Site

by Scott Bradley on September 5, 2012

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As a business owner, coming up with new unique blog content for your website that sells your product, is one of the best ways for you to market your company.

With the freedom to create content on different topics that directly relate to your niche, every post you publish is another opportunity to produce information that your target customers can find in the search engines or via social media.

Every new blog reader that chooses to spend time on your site reading articles that relate directly to them gives them the opportunity to build a trustworthy relationship with you, so they know where to come back to when they need what you are offering.

In my previous posts on this site about blogging, I covered specific topics and themes around successfully blogging for business. In this post today, I am going to focus on tying everything together so that you are able to take this content and implement it successfully when creating new unique blog content.

1) Figure Out The Focus of Your Post

When you sit down to start writing a post, it is important to first figure out the “focus” of the content you will be writing. The “focus” of an article means that you want to figure out what “type” of content you want to create for the target market.

Here is a question you can ask yourself to help you with this step…

Are you creating an article that points people to helpful resources, or do you want to focus in on one question that you know your niche asks on a consistent basis?

Here are some possible “focus’s” for a blog post…

  • providing tips
  • helping your niche solve a specific problem they are dealing with
  • providing resources
  • covering something as an overview in an informative manner

For more help on coming up with a focus for your post, be sure to read about the 10 types of blog content, and 4 not so creative places you can get awesome ideas for new blog content.

2) Choose The Angle/Topic and Title For Your Post

After you figure out the focus of your post, the next step is to start thinking about how you will package and deliver the content to your audience.

In this step you want to start thinking about the title you want to use to grab the visitors attention that will get them to read all the way to the end of the post.

To help you come up with a title that rocks and packages your content effectively, be sure to read the 10 blog title ideas for your website, and the top 10 types of blog content article which is linked above after the first bullet.

3) Think About the Introduction

Your introduction to a blog post, after the headline, is one of the most important parts to your article. When readers come to your site and view the headline, the introductory section is the first thing they see before getting into the meat of the post.

Get creative here, and write a paragraph or two that sets up and positions the content in a way that gets people excited to read what you wrote for them in the main body of the article.

One of the most effective ways I have seen is starting your intro paragraph off with a statistic that relates directly to the articles focus.

To help you come up with a compelling introduction, read this post about blog post introduction tips!

4) Think About and Write The Individual Tips or Headings in The Body

Before you start writing your post, this step is focused on helping you figure out how you will outline and plan out the flow of the content in your post.

For instance…

If you are choosing to do a “tips article,” be sure to write down the tips you want to write about, and make sure you put them in the order you want them to be for the post.

If you are choosing to cover one thing specifically in your post, write out the different sub heads for the article so you know where to talk about what topic that directly relates to the title for an easy reading experience for visitors.

By taking the right amount of time with this “layout step,” it will help you help your reader get the most amount of value from the content you write. This happens because the article will be laid out and organized intuitively for them to get what they need without getting confused.

5) Think About The Content Under Each Tip or Heading

One of the last things you should do before you start writing is to write out a few bullet points under each tip or subhead in the article to give you a guide to help you write out each thought you have for that particular tip or subhead.

By doing this process as the final step before writing, it will help you be effective in making sure you don’t forget to add something into the article before publishing.

If you have ever published an article, and re-read it and thought “I wish I also talked about XYZ this in this section…” by following this step, that will never happen again!

6) Fill in The Pieces to The Puzzle and Edit

Once you have laid the groundwork following the steps above, now it is time to write! Go through the process of filling in the spaces for the introduction, the subheads, and be sure to close the post out with a bang. You can choose to put in a call to action, or can also have an opt-in form at the bottom to help you build your digital mailing list.

After you finish the first draft of your post, make sure you take the necessary time to edit it too!


Writing blog content is easy, when you know the process to follow that will eliminate the stress and frustration. When you master this writing process for your company, you will start having a lot of ideas and posts to write, but not enough time to write them! This is a great problem to have, because it insures that you will have lots of future blog content coming down the pike that will directly speak to your market that will help you generate more sales and loyal customers through your website.

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Techboy Rocky@Mobile Reviews September 22, 2012 at 6:12 am

Awesome ideas for writing blog post for business. Headlines, title and the introduction play an important part in writing a blog post for the business.


Scott Bradley September 26, 2012 at 1:53 pm

Agree Rocky! Thanks for your comment!


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