One Creative Way to Drive Traffic to Your Site and Increase E-Mail Opt-Ins Using Your Personal Facebook Profile

by Scott Bradley on July 25, 2012


If you are running an online business, your main goal is to get as much targeted traffic as you can, in the most cost efficient way possible, to drive email sign ups and top-line sales!

In this post, I am going to share with you one specific traffic tip that I have found to be effective using Facebook to help me accomplish the goals above.

I use this specific strategy myself, and it has helped me increase opt-ins and sales on one of my websites –

Before I show you physical examples of the strategy, I want to give you some context about why this strategy works so well.

1) Individuals like reading information that adds value to their life

This specific Facebook traffic driving strategy focuses first on providing valuable content in your status update, then pitching them something at the end that is directly related to the free information you shared.

When you are on social media, especially on Facebook, it is important to always be providing valuable information for free in your status updates, to build trust and rapport with your list of friends.

By building trust with your list of friends in this fashion, it keeps them engaged and will inspire them to look forward to your future updates.

2) People don’t mind being exposed to a promotion after you give them free value

After providing some free valuable information in your status update, the next thing you want to do is provide a link to your website with a subtle promotion of some kind that is directly related to the content you shared.

I have found that most individuals don’t mind being exposed to a promotion, as long as you provided something of value first.

As an entrepreneur, you are using the powerful psychology surrounding the “law of reciprocity” which is what makes this strategy work so well. When people get something of value from you, they feel obligated to follow through with your request.

When your Facebook friend sees what you posted, and then gets exposed to your link with the targeted offer, they have been “primed” in a way that is valuable for you and them so that when they click, it is a highly engaged click to your website vs. a click that happened because they were curious and wanted to see what you were up to.

There are many ways to think about the type of content you will create for free on the front end of your status update before dropping in your promotion, but that is beyond the scope of this post and will be covered in a later article on this site.

Here are a few examples I have deployed in my personal Facebook profile that have been successful in generating traffic and opt-ins on my website.

The domain I am driving them to is a capture page that is in the background of my main site. If you visit it, you will see that illustrated by looking at the domain name string.

Using this tactic has not only helped me build my list, but also sell some affiliate products through the site as well!

Here is an example…

Facebook Status Update

Here is another example…

Facebook Status Update

Have fun playing around with this, and be sure to stay tuned for the next article covering how you can create engaging status updates like this for your business so you can implement the same strategy effectively!

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