Weekend Reading Week of July 1, 2012

Weekend Reading

Message From Scott Bradley, Founder, BrilliantBusinessAdvice.com

This was an interesting week.

First off I hope you had a wonderful 4th. For me it was a work day where I spent about 3+ hours writing more valuable content for this site to help you grow your businesses more effectively. The three articles I popped out for you centered around blogging. Be sure to check them out after you finish reading this page!

Other than that, another interesting thing happened on one of my other sites this week. After writing a piece of content and promoting it on Facebook, I couldn’t help but notice how much traffic was being generated from the mobile Facebook app.

One thing is very clear, as more iPads and other mobile devices are sold, this increasing trend will continue to shift how entrepreneurs and marketers structure future sales and lead generation funnels to generate more traffic, create qualified leads, and sell more products.

The results from that small promotion have generated over 500+ pageviews, and 20+ opt-in leads for me in less than 48 hours, so I am really excited about that.

As this website grows and evolves I will be continually sharing my secrets about what is working and what you should ignore, so be sure to continually visit on a weekly basis to get your fill! My personal goal for this site is to publish at least 4 articles per week personally, and any other guest posters articles are considered a bonus.

In the end…

I feel like the trend is starting to “tip” when it comes to the massive adoption of mobile devices, and their direct impact on the future of marketing. Because the mobile experience is starting to become an interesting new landscape, it is absolutely essential that you stay on top of it.

By getting your “Weekend Reading Fill” every Saturday, you are doing just that!

Have a wonderful weekend and make it a great start to the week!


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The One Diamond In The Rough Link For The Week

From 0 to 3,000,000 Monthly Visitors Learn One Mans Proven Strategy

Why This Link Is So Awesome: It talks about how to get more search engine traffic by breaking down his process in an interview format. There are a lot of gold nuggets in this article that will serve you well!

Cool Website For The Week


Why This Site is So Cool: This site is like google external keyword tool on steroids. It gives you the information you need when doing all of your keyword research. Even though this is a paid service, the freemium side of the service is still useful enough for you to get value out of.

Important Updates Articles

What Google’s Penguin Algorithm Means for Your Business

There’s been a lot of talk about zoo animals recently. Ever since Google started naming its algorithm updates after furry black and white creatures, we’ve been inundated with talks of pandas and penguins, and how they’re taking down websites one ranking at a time.

Supreme Court Ruling, Healthcare Reform, and Taxes

Now that we have the supremely confusing US Supreme Court ruling regarding the 2010 Health Care Bill, there are a few unanswered questions about taxes. Well, some of them we can answer. But there is one big one we can’t answer yet.

From Scott: This article is written by my friend Diane Kennedy, CPA. I would subscribe to her RSS if I were you. She is my go-to person for everything related to law changes and tax implications for small businesses.

Tablets to Surpass Notebook Growth in 2016

The demand for tablet computers such as the iPad is growing so quickly that shipments of them are projected to surpass notebook shipments by 2016.

From Scott: As you will see, this echoes what I shared in my letter to you at the top of this page

Microsoft Adds Ad Rotation Option To Ad Center

The new feature is ad rotation and will allow advertisers to either (1) rotate the ads by to optimize for clicks or (2) rotate ads more evenly despite clicks or conversions.

Facebook to Start Tracking Mobile Apps For Targeted Ads

Facebook has been under scrutiny since its initial public offeringregarding its ability to make money off mobile. Later this month, the company plans to offer developers and advertisers the opportunity to place targeted ads — based on what applications people use — in mobile news feeds, The Wall Street Journal reports.

From Scott: As Facebook continues to struggle to effectively monetize their website, I am sure we will see more crazy stuff like this that comes along. I feel it is only the beginning.

Key Market Research Released This Week

Mom’s are the Biggest Brand Boosters on Facebook

Moms lead the pack when comes to liking brands on Facebook, according to a recent survey by Burst media. Fifty eight percent of moms follow or like brands on social media sites.

From Scott: Have you thought about reaching your target market through their mothers on Facebook? I think there are so many different ways to market to moms on the platform to get them to send the message you want to your appropriate targets. Have you tried and implemented this approach successfully? Send me an e-mail to contact [at] brilliantbusinessadvice [dot] com. I’d love to hear your story!

College Students and Their Cell Phones – Infographic

College students aren’t just concerned with getting good grades and finding the best parties. More than ever, they’re using their smartphones to navigate life on campus.

How Often Do Facebook Fans Go To A Company’s Online Store?

While managing a Facebook campaign for a telecommunications company, Alchemy Social recently studied the link between clicking “like,” and actually visiting a business’ online store.

Pinterest Fuels Purchases For Men More Than Women

Although women make up the majority of Pinterest users – with estimates varying from 60% to 90% of the user base – it turns out that men report being more than twice as likely as women to have purchased a product or service after discovering it on the social network, per results of a Compete surveyreleased in June 2012.

Mobile App Use Continues To Edge Browser Use in Popularity

As the running debate between mobile applications and the mobile web continues, the latest comScoreMobile Metrix data shows that for the 3-month period ending in May 2012, use of downloaded apps proved to have a slightly larger mobile subscriber audience than browser use (51.1% vs. 49.8%).

Women Embrace Contextually Relevant Ads

Advertisers have many means of targeting at their disposal, from contextual to audience-based to behavioral and beyond. While some of those targeting types—notably behavioral—can lead to a negative reaction among internet users when they believe they have been used, web users do agree that relevant ads make them better-disposed toward brands, as well as toward the publishers who run the ads.

Marketers Challenged to Keep Pace with Mobile, Social

The mobile and social marketing spheres are moving fast, and marketers are doing their best to keep up. That’s one of the findings ofIBM’s May 2012 survey of marketing professionals worldwide, “The State of Marketing 2012.”

From Scott: As the landscape continues to change, staying on top of these trends will only become more important as time passes. I know I have sounded like a broken record, but it is so important that you know this. In the end, it only means more opportunity for those who are first.

Facebook Tab Engagement Down 53% Since Timelane Launch

Facebook’s Timeline redesign profoundly altered the appearance and the function of brand Pages. It’s also significantly affected the degree to which fans interact with tabs, which point you to different content at the top of the Page.

From Scott: This is why when you build a business, you can’t rely the majority of your business on a 3rd party service that may change in the future. I can only imagine how people lost a ton of expected revenue because of this fact. Always make sure you control what is important, more often than not it comes down to the products you offer, the marketing message, and the marketing channels you choose to use.

Latest Benchmarks Prove E-Mail is Still an Effective Marketing Channel

Email may be one of the oldest online marketing tactics, but it is also one of the top performing.

From Scott: I have always said that e-mail will never die no matter how big social media gets. Please always focus on building an e-mail list, and don’t let anyone else tell you that you shouldn’t. These stats prove that people will always be glued to their e-mail.

Awesome How To Articles For The Week

How To Turn 400 Words into Hundreds of Super Powerful Backlinks

Imagine spending 30 minutes writing about your site in exchange for fistfuls of authority backlinks, dozens of targeted visitors and serious brand exposure.

From Scott: I never knew the power of this technique until I read this article. I have put on my action item list to implement this very soon.

Pinterest Marketing For Ecommerce and Online Stores – The Ultimate Guide

One of the most important features that drives traffic to our products is the Pinterest “pin it” button. In fact, we have a pin it button on all of our products pages as well as on all of our content pages.

From Scott: This article was written by my friend Steve. He really puts out some great content! Add him to your RSS feed if you haven’t already done so!

Other Updates

Buyer Beware: Mobile Payments May Not Be Secure

Some current financial rules may not apply to the growing number of mobile payment systems, government officials told a House subcomittee on Friday.

Twitter Drops Linked In Partnership

This ends a partnership that began in 2009. LinkedIn users can still create updates on the site and click a button to share to Twitter as well, but the the reverse is no longer possible.

From Scott: Changes like this echo what I said above of focusing on positioning yourself in your business so changes like this don’t wreck your business.

Google Analytics Comes To Mobile Apps

Google is bringing its Analytics to mobile apps — both Android and iOS-based — to help give developers greater visibility into their apps’ performance.

Apple Bids Farewell To MobileMe

Apple retired on Sunday its paid cloud service MobileMe, following a several year process led by former CEO Steve Jobs to pack up the product for good.

In Closing Its Platform Twitter Risks Destroying Its Community

After attaining unlikely success as an open platform, Twitter is demanding that third-party apps show Twitter’s stream the way the company wants them to. “You need to be able to see expanded Tweets,” Product Manager Michael Sippey wrote in an announcement on Friday afternoon.

From Scott: This will be really interesting to see what happens to twitter within the next 6 months. I can only imagine how ticked off the developer community is about these changes.

Following Facebook, Foursquare Becomes A Platform With Connected Apps

Whether taking a page from Facebook or simply following a logical development path, Foursquare has taken steps toward becoming a “platform.” Last week the company announced “connected apps.”

From Scott: If you run a local business with a storefront, it is important to see how you can leverage these new changes.

Facebook Ads Mobile Reach Data To Insights, Cuts Back Loading of Organic Stories

Facebook announced two changes to its insights Tuesday: the inclusion of mobile reach data, and the lowering of the number of organic stories that will be loaded simultaneously.

Google To Discontinue iGoogle

Google announced they are shutting down several products as part of their “summer spring cleaning” efforts.

Twitter Updates Search With AutoComplete and New Filters

Twitter’s search tool has just undergone a slight makeover with anumber of new features that should help get users to the information they’re looking for quicker than before.

From Scott: I think these new updates to twitter allow you to leverage it in new innovative ways. Most notably, I like that you can now search for a term and par it down to people in your own network who have mentioned that phrase. This will allow you to build a more trusting connection with them when you start talking about the stuff you are passionate about.

Startup News

Try Before You Buy YBuy Subscription Service Raises 1M From Eric Schmidt

One of the biggest hurdles to buying stuff online is the inability to try products out first hand before knowing whether you want to purchase it.

A Startup Emerges to Help Time Shift Energy Use

Dialing down your home’s energy consumption during times of peak power grid use in exchange for compensation is an emerging service.

AppHero Raises 1.8M For App Recommendation Service Which Learns Your Interests From Facebook

Following Apple’s acquisition of Chomp, the app search and discovery business continues to heat up. Last month, app search startup Quixey raised a healthy $20 million Series B, and today a much younger startup,AppHero, has raised a $1.8 million seed round for its app recommendation platform.

From Scott: I don’t know about you, but this sounds uber-creepy.

Other Interesting News

LoveBucks Attempts To Help Publishers Monetize Their Content

Making money in the online content business isn’t always easy, especially for publishers and bloggers who don’t have huge audiences. Besides advertising, there aren’t too many options for online publishers and even though it looked like micropayments would offer a solution a few years ago, they never caught on with the public.

From Scott: Not sure if this will survive. Seems far fetched.

Augmented Reality Shopping Coming Soon

IBM Research announced the prototype of a mobile app that can act as a personal shopping assistant in stores.

From Scott: Pay attention to this trend. If this model and method is successful, expect others to roll it out in the future. Think how you could model this type of experience into your own business.

Turn Any TV Into A Smart One with This Gadget

Wish you could turn any TV into a smart one? A new gadget called the Pocket TV will convert your television into a giant Android tablet.

Simon & Schuster to Add QR Codes to Book Jackets

Come fall, the glossy book jackets of every new Simon & Schuster hardcover and trade paperback will feature a QR code in an effort to bolster newsletter signups.

From Scott: This is a really interesting move, but only goes to prove how mobile is really taking over the world now.

Other Cool Stuff

A Framework For The Next $10B Native Advertising Market

Over the past ten years, publishers have continued to monetize their sites with banners and pre-roll ads, and advertisers have continued to pump billions into these formats, in spite of tanking performance and near- universal disdain. While click-through rates on display ads started out at around 9% in 2000, they now hover around 0.2% – which means 99.8% of banner ads are completely ignored.

ROI: The Most Dysfunctional Metric in Digital Marketing

Ok, so maybe the title of this article is a little dramatic for ratings’ sake, but, seriously, ROI conversations are the bane of my existence. Not because I have an offline background where the idea of having to prove value from my campaigns seems ludicrous

5 Psychological Studies on Pricing That You Absolutely MUST Read

As marketers and business owners, you will most likely come to deal with the process of pricing your products or services. The thing is, many folks struggle with this process because although they understand their customer’s needs, they aren’t experienced with what to charge people for their work.

We Could Build an Open Twitter, but Would Anyone Use it?

Amid the recent brouhaha over Twitter’s future — which some say is aimed atrestricting what developers can do with the real-time information network, in an attempt to monetize it more easily — a number of critics have proposed duplicating the network using open-source tools and principles.

Facebook Twitter and The Economics of Attention

Ever since Facebook went public in one of the largest technology stock issues of the last decade, an offering that valued the company at more than $60 billion, one of the biggest questions hanging over the company’s head is whether it can generateenough revenue to justify this massive market value.

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