Weekend Reading Week of July 15, 2012

Weekend Reading

Message From Scott Bradley, Founder, BrilliantBusinessAdvice.com

This week was a relatively quiet week, but there were still some interesting stories and updates that happened. Every single week I am seeing the mobile market continually expand as the “computer-based audience” decreases. As an entrepreneur, please don’t take your eye off this trend.

Other than that, the weather in southern California has been beautiful this week as August is right around the corner!

The One Diamond In The Rough Link For The Week

15 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting My First Company

From a very young age I loved the idea of starting a business. It helps that I grew up in a family full of entrepreneurs, so there’s no surprise that I launched my first company while I was in high school.

Why This Link is Awesome: This is an article written by Neil Patel who runs the website Quicksprout. There are so many golden nuggets in here that I know you will find value from.

Important Updates Articles

Timeline for Facebook Pages Rolling Out on Mobile

Facebook has started implementing its Timeline design to Pages on mobile platforms.
Rolled out to the web version of Facebook in February, when you view a brand page on your mobile device you’ll now see the brand’s cover photo, information from the Page’s About section, and a larger Like button.

Twitter is Testing Non-Organic Ads

Rumor has it that Twitter is testing out a new Promoted Tweet format that would no longer require advertisers to first send the soon-to-be Promoted Tweet from their Twitter account before marking it as an ad.

Facebook Testing Sharable Ads

In the world of online advertising, companies like Google and Facebook are constantly updating their practices to meet the demands of all sorts of businesses, as well as improving interaction and usability to attempt to grab the attention of today’s consumers.

The Death of SEO: The Rise of Social PR and Real Content

The bottom line is that all SEO efforts are counterfeit other than one:Writing, designing, recording, or videoing real and relevant content that benefits those who search.

Facebook Begins Testing Sponsored Results, its First Search Typehead Ads

Heads up, Google. Facebook is testing a new format of search ads called Sponsored Results that lets advertisers show ads in the Facebook search typeahead to users looking for a particular Page, app, or Place.

Facebook Testing Popup Notifications?

Some Facebook users are seeing a modification to notifications in the form of pop-ups that appear on their own when a new notification is received.

New Digg Will Launch August 1

Last week, betaworks bought the remaining assets of Digg after the once-prominent social site sold. The Washington Post acquired the Digg team, LinkedIn purchased 15 patents and betaworks was left with the Digg.com website.

Key Market Research Released This Week

Study: Viewers Turning to YouTube as News Source

A new study has found that YouTube has become a major platform for news, one where viewers are turning for eyewitness videos in times of major events and natural disasters.

QR Codes Aren’t Giving Consumers What They Want

QR Codes, the most common of the mobile barcode formats, have not fulfilled their promise and connected with large audiences, according to a new eMarketer report, “QR Codes: Marketers Keep Hitting ‘Go,’ but Consumer Adoption Still Slow.

Tablet Users Much More Responsive To Ads Than Smart Phone Users

Tablet users are highly receptive to ads, with 47% reporting that they engage with ads on their devices more than once a week. By contrast, an average 25% of smartphone users interact with ads at that same frequency, according to [pdf] a survey commissioned by the IAB and conducted by ABI Research released in July.

Dual Screen Tablet Owners Shop While Watching TV

59% of TV-watching tablet owners say they have shopped using their device while watching TV at home in the past 3 months, double the proportion (29%) of TV-watching smartphone users who say the same,according to [pdf] a survey commissioned by the IAB and conducted by ABI Research, released in July.

60% of Consumers Expect Brands to Respond on Social Media

Almost 60% of people worldwide say they expect brands to respond to social media comments regarding service at least most of the time, according to a new report.

Awesome How To Articles For The Week

12 Tips To Help You Make The Perfect Ad Banner

With all the talk about mobile advertising and what’s next, banner ads are not talked about that much, but they are still a good way to get traffic. There are so many banners out there and other things to grab viewers attention and you only have a very short time to get them to click, so you better make it count.

How To Prepare Your Startup To Raise an Angel Round

A recent email from an entrepreneur and complete stranger read: “We need to raise money. Who can you introduce us to?” I quickly encouraged him to submit his startup to AngelList but a few days later he returned with, “I messaged the AngelList founder and he didn’t respond. Can you give me some tips?”

5 SEO Shortcuts To Avoid

Search engines are programmed to reward relevance and popularity, and are striving to algorithmically determine quality as well. Ecommerce sites are programmed to sell product to customers as efficiently as possible while offering a positive brand experience.

Other Updates 

Amazon Gets Ready For Sales Tax

It was a good run, and a long one: After nearly two decades of largely tax-free e-commerce, a growing number of states are forcing online retailers to collect sales taxes.

Youtube Lets You Blur Faces with One Click

YouTube today launched a new feature that allows its users to easily blur the faces of everybody in a video with just one click.

Startup News

#1 Facebook App Socialcam Sold for 60M

The top Facebook application, Socialcam, has been sold — but no, this isn’t another Mark Zuckerberg purchase. The vide0-sharing app has been acquired for $60 million by design firmAutodesk.

Other Interesting News

Are You Ready For A Paid Twitter

Dalton Caldwell, the man behind failed startups Imeem and PicPlz, recently ruminated on what he wished Twitter could have become. Now he’s moving ahead with his own paid alternative that promises to shun advertising and focus on customer trust.

Here is Why Facebook Bought Spool

Over the weekend, news reports emerged that Facebook was buying Spool, a mobile-oriented social bookmarking service started by Avichal Garg and Curtis Spencer. At the surface, this seems like yet another acqua-hire but scratch a little deeper and you start to understand Facebook’s motivation in buying this company.

Other Cool Stuff

Important Questions Startup Co-Founders Should Ask Each Other

One thing I have learned in my experience with startups is that if you are not careful, you are as likely to experience as many challenges with your co-founder(s) as you are with the business itself.

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t just a digital destination for your resume; it’s a vibrant online hub offering all kinds of useful information, tools and functionality.

Hiring Help: Characteristics of a Winning Link Builder

Sure, you can teach people the steps to take, but you can’t teach them how to have swagger. There are innate characteristics that are extremely difficult to teach – I mean, how can you teach creativity?

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