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The One Diamond In The Rough Link For The Week

Notes + Essays From Peter Thiels Startup Class Taught At Stanford

Why this link is so awesome: Peter Thiel, who is a famous venture capitalist and entrepreneur taught a class at Stanford on startups. A student of his posted all of his notes on this website for the entire world to read. There are a plethora of gold nuggets you can learn from!

Cool Website For The Week


Why it’s cool: The website is a community of programmers and developers. If you need a coder to do some work for you, this is the place to find them!

Important Updates Articles

Wishpond Looks To Carve Out Facebook Offers Niche With Social Offers

“Brands looking to provide offers via Facebook can now do so with a little Canadian flair, as developer Wishpond debuted self-serve application Social Offers…”

Facebook Getting Ready To Launch Location Based Mobile Ad Product

“Facebook Inc. (FB), owner the world’s largest social network, says it’s working on a location-based mobile-advertising product that will allow companies to target users with real-time data showing their whereabouts.”

Is Facebook Testing A “Want” Button?

“Facebook may be testing a “Want” button that would allow you to add products to a virtual wish list.”

Flexible Reach Brings Multiple Targeting Methods To Google Adwords

“AdWords advertisers on Google’s Display Network can now use multiple targeting methods at the ad group level, rather than the campaign level, via a new feature called “Flexible Reach.”

Google Plus Events Allow You To Invite All Circles To An Event – Spam Ensues

“Yesterday Google announced the promising Google+ Events functionality at Google I/O. However, one feature immediately irked many Google+ users, the ability for all Google+ users to invite other Google+ers to an event, even if they don’t have them in circles. So any Google+ user can invite any other user to an event.”

Tumblr Adds New “Pinned Posts” Advertising Product

“Tumblr introduced a new ad product Thursday — one that enables users to pin their posts to the top of their followers’ dashboards for 24 hours, thereby giving their content more exposure.”

Users Can Now Mute Adwords Display Ads

“Google has long made it possible for users of YouTube to skip ads. Now, it’s adding that capability to the Display Network, letting people hit an “X” to dismiss, or mute, the currently-displaying ad.”

Key Market Research Released This Week

Bloggers Say Frequent Updates and Social Promotion are Key Traffic Drivers

“American and European bloggers are relatively in agreement when it comes to the most effective ways to drive traffic to their blogs, both citing frequent updates and promotion on social networks as their top 2, per an Overblog study released in June 2012.”

Marketers Are Flocking To Mobile But Challenges Still Persist

“Almost 9 in 10 global marketers either have a mobile site or a mobile application or plan to employ one in the future, according to an IBM study released in June 2012.”

Facebook Sponsored Stories Generate Higher CTR’s and Targeted Reach

“Facebook Sponsored Stories and Post Ads perform significantly better than Social or Web Ads when measured by click-through rate (CTR), according to June 2012 research from Kenshoo Social and Resolution Media.”

Brand’s Twitter Engagement Rates Seen Higher on Weekends

“Although only 19% of brand tweets are published on weekends, these tweets show engagement rates that are 17% higher than weekdays, according to a June 2012 Buddy Media report.”

Only Half of Teens Prefer Interacting With Friends in Person

“Teens are avid social media users, but when it comes to their preferred methods of communication with friends, social networks barely register, per findings [pdf] from a Common Sense Media report released in June 2012.”

Marketers Love Facebook, but Don’t Like To Advertise There

“Although many marketers are investing in Facebook, a significant percentage indicated in a recent survey that Facebook ads are not an essential part of that strategy.”

Smartphones Influence 5.1% of In Store Sales

“Fully 49% of electronic and appliance shoppers use smartphones in-store, and 8.3% of sales in those stores are influenced by smartphones, according to [pdf] new research from Deloitte.”

Awesome How To Articles For The Week

How To Get 100,000 Fans For Your Blog Fan Page

“I wanted to have 100,000 Facebook fans for my blog. I don’t have a product to sell. I’m not trying to get advertisers on my blog.”

How To Prevent Your Facebook Account From Being Hacked

“Have you ever wondered what advice a hacker would give you to protect your Facebook account from his or her kind?”

Writing Social Media Press Releases: 3 Tools To Help

“More than 3,000 press releases are issued each day. However, unless you have a public relations firm following up — making phone calls or sending emails to journalists and bloggers — it’s almost impossible to get your release read by the media.”

Other Updates

Facebook Users Can Export Events to Calendar; Event Pages Get New Gear Menu

“The events function on Facebook continues to undergo tweaks, with the addition of the ability to export the event to users’ calendars, as well as the addition of a gear menu with additional options.”

Facebook Just Changed Your E-Mail – Here’s How To Fix It

“Hey, here’s something really stupid and annoying: Facebook abruptly switched everyone’s default email address to the @facebook.com account you’ve never used.”

Facebook Now Makes it Easier For Page Admins To Switch Between Actual Names, Pages

“Facebook added an easier way for page administrators to toggle between posting under their actual names or posting as the page.”

Facebook Apps Will Soon Let Users ‘Follow’ Actions

“Facebook just rolled out a new Open Graph feature that will let users follow certain actions from various Facebook applications.”

Facebook Users Can Now Edit Past Comments

“Facebook users now have (or will soon) the ability to edit their comments at any time, rather than the grace period of a few seconds the social network previously allowed.”

Why Facebook is Folding on Credits and Doubling Down on Payments

“In a surprising move this week, with just a short post on their Developer Blog, Facebook has ended their three-year experiment with the virtual currency of Facebook Credits.”

Twitter Launches New Way To View Profiles

“When you visit a Twitter user’s profile, you may want to see his or her original Tweets rather than their conversations. Then again, you may enjoy seeing the back-and-forth exchanges they have with other Twitter users. Now you can have it both ways.”

Twitter Rolls Out New Ad Products

“Twitter has unveiled an aggressive expansion of its advertising products, with a rollout planned to 50 countries by the end of the year.”

Tumblr iPhone App Offers Speedier Blogging

“Tumblr’s iPhone app has gotten a major redesign that introduces more robust blogging features and a lot of new speed enhancements.”

Flipboard Officially Launches on Android; Adds Google YouTube and More Localized Versions

“It’s been a big week for Flipboard’s Google-related announcements. On Tuesday, the company revealed Google+ integration was coming to its social magazine, and today, the app is officially launching on all Android devices, including the Kindle Fire and the Nook.”

Google Launches New Service For Managing Local Workforces

“Location-based apps and services like Foursquare have made significant inroads among consumers in the last few years, but most of the recent developments around location-based apps have bypassed the business market.”

Google To Launch Amazon Microsoft Cloud Competitor

“Google is very likely to launch a cloud services platform at its annual developer conference, Google I/O next week in San Francisco.”

Startup News

SnipSnap Sees Over 1M Coupons Clipped, Locks Up 900K in Funding

“It’s only been a few weeks since SnipSnap co-founder/CEO Ted Mann took to the Disrupt stage to talk about his super-simple coupon saving and sharing app, and now it seems the young company has already hit some major milestones.”

ShopSocially Launches its Platform and Scores an Extra 550K in Funding

“ShopSocially, a social commerce startup, is formally announcing the launch of its social shopping platform and is revealing some of its early insights from its customer lineup.”

After Surviving ABC’s SharkTank Unikey Raises 1.1M

“Unikey Technologies, a company made known by ABC’s Shark Tank for technology that turns your smartphone into a universal door key, has raised $1.1 million according to an SEC filing.”

Zappos Searches For New Disruptive Ideas

“Zappos left San Francisco way back in 2004, and since then it has become closely associated with its new home in Nevada — in fact, CEO Tony Hsieh is working to revitalize downtown Las Vegas, in part by turning it into a startup hub.”

The Best Places To Start A Company

“Business-friendliness varies widely across the United States. Roll over a state below for more information about its business environment, or switch to the city view to see what metro areas stand out. All of the data comes from Thumbtack.”

Opininsy Launches To Create The Opinion Graph

“Ankur Shah was a co-founder of the Techlightenment company which was acquired by Experian, the credit reporting service.”

Microsoft Confirms 1.2B Yammer Acquisition

“Microsoft on Monday confirmed its rumored $1.2 billion acquisition of B2B social networking firm Yammer.”

GoFundMe is Pulling in 2M a Month

“Crowdfunding has become a big industry, as people are increasingly seeking ways to finance new creative projects and technology ideas.”

Other Interesting News

Twitter’s Mobile Ads Begin To Click

“Twitter Inc. is showing early signs of success selling advertising on mobile devices, an area that is bedeviling Internet companies including Facebook Inc. FB -0.85% and Google Inc.”

Startup Accelerator’s Fail: Most Grads Go Nowhere

“Startup accelerators continue to grow in popularity. There are now more than 200 around the world attracting twice as many applicants as they did just two years ago.”

Facebook Apps Must Reveal What Information is Collected, How it is Shared

“California Facebook users worried about privacy while using applications can breathe a sigh of relief.”

Are We Seeing The Beginning of Facebook’s Answer To AdSense?

“What’s next for the social network that has 900 million users? An ad network like Google’s AdSense, many believe. And today, InsideFacebook spotted the first hints of what such a thing might look like.”

Google Maps Mobile Ads Format Get a Refresh

“Google has revamped its format for AdWords that display within Maps for Mobile, in an effort to make them work more efficiently for smartphone users and advertisers.”

Teens Choosing Tumblr, Foursquare over Facebook

“In terms of social media preferences, teenagers have been hard to quantify.”

Facebook’s 1B Bid For Instagram to be Investigated by OFT

“The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is to investigate Facebook’s $1bn bid for Instagram, because it is concerned the giant social network might choke off picture uploads to other sites from the app, or else restrict other apps’ ability to upload to it.”

Verizon Wants Your Car on A Data Plan

“You might see your car as a means of transportation or a reflection of your lifestyle. But Verizon views the automobile as a giant mobile data device on wheels.”

Huffington Post Puts a Subscription Magazine on the iPad

“At a swanky launch party last week, Huffington Post unveiled a new iPad-only magazine called simply Huffington.”

Google Struggles To Plug Leaky YouTube

“Years have passed since Google was an idealistic upstart that vowed to do no evil. Now it’s an immense public company with diverse interests to protect.”

Judge Dismisses Apple vs. Google Smartphone Patent Case

“A federal judge in Chicago, Ill. has thrown the Apple-Motorola Mobility smartphone patent case out the courtroom window and locked the window behind it, making sure it never finds its way back inside his court.”

Google Releases Chrome For iPhone and iPad

“Google unveiled its Chrome browser for iOS at its Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco Thursday, making the browser available on the iPhone and iPad.”

Not All Bad Links Hurt You, Google Ignores Links Also

“Google doesn’t always penalize you for bad links, they sometimes and very often, will ignore links completely that they find to be against their guidelines.”

Other Cool Stuff

The Amount of Data That is Created Every Minute – Infographic

“Thursday’s sporadic Twitter outages gave addicts like us the shakes. After all, Twitter users average over 100,000 tweets per minute, and the site was down for a whole lot longer than that.”

16 Heatmaps Reveal Where People Look on Websites

“Now thanks to eye-tracking technology we can tell they’re saying, and the results point to fascinating differences between men and women and useful insights into advertising and design.”

What it Feels Like To Sell Your Company For 100M

“A few weeks ago, 32-year-old entrepreneur Wiley Cerilli sat down with his wife. He told her an email company, Constant Contact, wanted to acquire his two-year-old startup, Single Platform, for $100 million.”

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