3 More Creative Ways You Can Target Facebook Ads

by Scott Bradley on July 24, 2012

In my previous article, 10 Effective Ways To Target Your Facebook Ads When Building Your Next Campaign, I provided you ten effective ways you can target people on Facebook when setting up your Facebook Ad campaigns.

I have three more effective ways you can use in the Facebook ads platform to target the perfect audience for your offers and specials.

Zip Code Facebook Ads Targeting

1) Zip Code

Are you a local mom and pop business who only wants to touch a specific geographic area? Using the zip code function allows you to target people in cities on the micro-level. Using the zip code targeting will allow you to customize your ads effectively to reach only the people that would be perfect geographic customers for your business.

Even if you don’t have a local business, you could also use this function to test out certain ads and offers with different audiences around the country. Not only would this provide you a plethora of market research, but also will help you learn more about where your ideal market lives based on the success of each campaign you deploy.

Fans Connected To Page Facebook Ads

2) Fans of your Page

If you are building a Facebook page, and want to make sure your fans see your special offer for the day/week/month, you can easily target them. Because your status updates don’t reach every single fan on your page, this is a great option to use to ensure that your updates and offers reach fans who may not be getting your updates in their newsfeed.

Get creative with the ads that you come up with by making your headline highly personalized around your page or product to experience the greatest return on your investment.

Friends Connected To Facebook Page FB Ads

3) Friends of Fans of Your Page

This special targeting feature in Facebook is one that leverages your fans friend’s on Facebook. This is a really powerful targeting mechanism because in your ads it shows people who view them what friends have liked them. Facebook has made it very clear that by targeting your ads this way increases the effectiveness in a big way.

You could get really creative with your headline by making it, “Your Friends Love Us,” and then you could make your body copy under a compelling image something around the lines of, “Click here to learn what makes us so special.”

If you have tried using any one of these targeting options with success, I would love to hear your stories. Please leave a comment below!

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