3 Reasons Why Using HighTable is an Effective way to Get Your Business Questions Answered Fast

by Scott Bradley on July 18, 2012

High Table

Ever had a business question that you quickly needed the answer to, but did not know where to find it? At HighTable you can find the knowledge you need from the people who have it.

To grow a business, your industry knowledge has to be constantly growing, too. That means looking beyond the person at the next desk or your immediate network. HighTable is the simplest way to get the knowledge you need from people you won’t meet on your own.

At HighTable, members establish and share their expertise in a way they can’t elsewhere – conversations occur directly between professionals with business problems and those with the most relevant first-hand knowledge. By easily finding credible knowledge, HighTable members make better business decisions and get smart on new areas faster. In today’s constantly evolving world where every business person is trying to become more efficient, HighTable can now serve as your source.

Members of HighTable are able to ask business related questions and in turn, receive answers from qualified and professionals within the community. The HighTable community is made up of subject matter experts, professors, entrepreneurs, venture capitalist, and fortune 500 professionals, to name a few.

Here are three reasons why you should use HighTable:

1) Receive Dynamic Answers: Once a question is posted, real-time answers from experienced professionals begin to roll in. This type of experience is far different from your typical online business research where information is static and in many instances can be out of date. The advice you will receive will not only be real–time, but it will be specific to the question that has been posed. This ensures that the information is both up to date and hit rights at the heart of the subject.

2) Reach People Beyond Your Current Network: Another benefit is members are able to tap into a network with people they may not have a direct connection to.

3) Discover Something You Did Not Know You Were Searching For: HighTable allows you to view questions and answers posted by other members. This enables you to see business topics that are trending and get involved in conversations that are of interest to you. This provides a very unique interactive learning environment by gaining exposure to new and interesting business topics.

Click below to see an example of a conversation taking place on HighTable.

What are the 3 best treasures of wisdom that you found helpful in your startup venture?

As of this posting, you will see there are over 80 responses (and counting). More importantly, the quality of the content posted by professionals that have engaged in this conversation is diverse and full of valuable insights. Each answer provides a different perspective and allows you to tap into the personal experiences of people on various sides of the business.

About The Author
Julie Hackler King is the Partnerships and Product Marketing Manager for HighTable. She recently qualified for the Boston Marathon and eats two packs of orange flavored tic tacs every day. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs use technology to connect with professionals who can help them turn their ideas into growing businesses. Learn more about how HighTable can help you by clicking here.

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